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      Best in Show March 2014




                        Best in Show Standard                                

Cattleya Fire Dance ‘Patricia’

Grown by

Steve and Karen Tobiassen

Best in Show Mini - tie

Phal. Cutsy grown by Caol Shores

Maxillaria variabilis ‘Rick Hood’

grown by Martha Conner


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Meeting:  June 11, 2014 7PM 

Location:  New Hanover County Arboretum

Speaker: Charles Wilkins, Jr.

Subject:   "Orchids You Should Consider Growing"



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  2014 Programs:

July’s meeting - July 9  (Not July 16.)

Location: Windermere Presbyterian Church, Eastwood Rd. in Wilmington.



The 2014 Officers are:

President: Charlie Barrett 

Vice President: Ann Gallman 

Treasurer: Laura Overstreet

 Secretary: Linda Swanson

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CFOS Mission Statement: The mission statement of the Cape Fear Orchid Society is found in our bylaws, Article II: Object, Aims & Purposes.  It reads as follows.    The Cape Fear Orchid Society is a non-profit organization established for the purposes of:

1) scientific research and study of orchids (including their classification, evolution, propagation, culture, care and development);

 2) the dissemination of educational information and knowledge about the orchid family to the general public;

3) showing the cultural and economic importance of the orchid interest as well as the intrinsic beauty, biological or ecological importance of this fascinating group of plants; and 

4) supporting the conservation of orchids in nature.     The object and purpose of this Society is research and education. No part of its earnings or capital shall inure to the use or benefit of any individual member.  This Society shall not engage in any activities which are not permitted by the Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.   


American Cattleyas
Species and Outstanding Clones That Define American Hybridizing

by Courtney Hackney

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